Feeling overwhelmed in Manhattan?

Whether you're getting through graduate school or developing a career, these are life goals brimming with opportunity. But accomplishing those goals while trying to find a meaningful relationship can feel anxiety provoking and overwhelming.

You feel this urge to compete and excel, only to struggle with day to day hassles and glass ceilings. All the while you feel pressure to make sure others are taken care of. Nobody said being "the first" was going to be easy, but you feel it beginning to drain you.

As if that weren't enough, you're also trying to find a decent date and form a genuine connection. You find yourself asking if this relationship is going to work out, or if you're going to get ghosted/dumped/rejected again.

 Dating and working in  New York City .  Fuck .

Dating and working in New York City. Fuck.

Whether in relationships or at work, you find yourself worrying about what other people think. You feel resentful, anxious, and demoralized all at once, and still get overworked because you over-committed and have a hard time saying no.

I help professionals from diverse communities practice better self-care, know when to set limits and boundaries with others, cope with their emotions so they're not so overwhelming, improve their relationships, and learn skills for building a better work/life balance.

You may not have learned how to do these things growing up, and they definitely didn't teach you that in school! But they are skills I can help you grow and learn.

What you can expect from me


Activity & Engagement:

I'm active in our sessions and have my own personality and sense of humor. I engage you in developing a treatment plan that is collaborative and speaks to your goals.



Part of my role is to keep you accountable to your values and goals, and when needed, call you out on your bullshit. I'll support you and push you to achieve your potential.


Evidence-Based Care: 

I use state of the art tools to deliver care that is evidence-based and data-driven, but flexible in meeting your needs.



One size does not fit all. I work to understand your cultural context, identity, and values in order to develop an approach that is tailored to you. Your opinion and perspective matter, as you are the best expert on yourself.

If you'd like to connect, you can book a time for us to talk. You can also find out more about my services and how I can help you.

More about me

"So you zay you are not und state... nor und country... at times you are undecided about your status... Now, vee are making progress."

Where I'm from

I am originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I came to the U.S. mainland over a decade ago, in pursuit of my education.

I found it.

Also found I like New York City.

And Krispy Kremes. 

So I stayed.

My Scholarship

I am a supervising psychologist at the Mt. Sinai-St. Luke's Adult Outpatient Clinic, and hold a faculty appointment as Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine. I have also served as Adjunct Professor at the Hunter College-Silberman School of Social Work, and the City College Department of Psychology. 

My scholarship work focuses on the intersection of race, culture, and the therapeutic relationship. 

I write about Liberation Psychology, a social justice oriented movement in Latin American psychology, as well as Latinx identity, religion, spirituality, and multicultural competency.

My more recent work focuses on the treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder and complex trauma from a culture-centered lens. I also speak at conferences and the general public on these issues. 

 Profile sketch by  Rammer Martinez-Sanchez

Profile sketch by Rammer Martinez-Sanchez

For more information on my scholarship and professional experience

My Education

Graduate School of Applied & Professional Psychology, Rutgers University

  • Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Union Theological Seminary in the City of New York

  • Masters of the Arts in Psychiatry & Religion

Rutgers University

  • Bachelors of the Arts in Psychology & Religion