Life is full of transitions,

the loss of a relationship, or conflict at work can leave you feeling lost and unsure--about yourself, your wants, and your direction in life. You're going through the motions at work while worrying about the future, wondering if things could be different. But you find yourself anxious and indecisive about making a change.

You feel like life just passes you by, but you don't know how to catch up.

You get stuck in your head deliberating whether you should go talk to that person you really like. This makes dating really hard. Sometimes, no matter how well you do in your professional life, you're afraid deep down that you're just too "weird" for anyone to understand or connect with. 

You want to feel more confident, learn to take charge, and feel more comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone.

You don't want anxiety to hold you back anymore. Whether in dating, relationships, or work, you want to figure out how to live a spontaneous, fun, and interconnected life.

This is a time of opportunity.

I help young professionals and artists to get clarity on what they want, up their game in dating and relationships, and create a better work/life balance. I have a goal oriented approach that combines the art and science of therapy with some humor--because dating and working in New York City is hard

There is nothing shameful about asking for professional help--you don't have to do this alone.

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