Treatment for Anxiety

You've always had difficulty interacting with other people, but this is more than just feeling awkward. You feel overwhelmed in social situations, and get stuck in your head thinking about how others see you. You get really self-conscious, and think that anything you say is always the wrong thing. Sometimes, you get so anxious that you worry people are talking about you behind your back and going to reject you.

This anxiety is at its worst in your most intimate relationships. You're scared about getting close to others, without worrying that they'll eventually leave you


Part of you knows these thoughts and feelings aren't rational, but you can't help expecting the worst in your life and relationships. You're always waiting for the other shoe to drop, and this keeps you from doing the things you want to do. Often, you find yourself avoiding people and situations just so you don't feel anxious.

Because of this you've become more distant from people. Some of your friends have started calling you a "flake," but you know it's not because you don't want to go out. You just get overwhelmed thinking about what might happen, and you're afraid others will judge you if they knew what you were afraid of.

I can help you learn skills and tools to cope with your anxiety so that it is manageable and less overwhelming. By keeping your anxiety in check, you can be more confident and not afraid to take risks. Socializing will come more easily to you, and you'll learn that it's safe to put yourself out there, and start living your life. I offer a variety of treatment options to help you meet your goals, and use the art and science of psychotherapy to build a treatment tailored to your needs, cultural values, and personality.


If you'd like to talk about how I can help you with your anxiety, you can book a time for us to talk below. You can also find out more about perks and features that set my practice apart.