Dr. Gaztambide on Video

Videos of lectures or presentations I've given, available online. I also include a link to the trailer of a documentary I was a part of, Psychoanalysis in El Barrio.

About psychoanalysis in el barrio:

"Psychoanalysis in El Barrio shows the experience of Latino psychoanalysts in the United States bringing psychoanalysis to Latino communities. It features interviews with ten Latino analysts (whose heritage is from a variety of Latino cultures) as well as students. It uniquely shows some of those communities in Philadelphia, New York City, and Texas and Interviews Latinos in the street on their thoughts about therapy. And it discusses issues of culture, bias, language and transference that occur for Latino analysts and their patients. The video challenges psychoanalysts to understand the culture and economic circumstances of Latinos in the United States and to bring psychoanalytically informed therapy to them. It is a consequence of conferences held by the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR) and the Clinical Psychology Department of The New School."

You can find more information about the documentary, including how to access it, at PEP-WEB. Non-subscribers can access the video for $9.99.

On November 15, 2016, I delivered a grand rounds presentation on addressing race and implicit bias in mental health treatment and training, delivered at the Mt. Sinai-St. Luke's Department of Psychiatry, with slides from the presentation.

"On Saturday Febraury 4th 2012 at Fordham University's Graduate School of Social Services, Walter Hidalgo, Candidate for the Doctorate of Ministry at New York Theological Seminary, and Daniel Gaztambide, Candidate for the Doctorate of Psychology at Rutgers University, presented for the first annual conference entitled, One Mic, One Movement: Advances in Hip-hop Therapy and Psychology."

In April 29, 2011, I gave a presentation at the New School's Ferenczi Center, with Neil Altman and Paul Wachtel as discussants. The lecture became the foundation for my 2012 paper in Contemporary Psychoanalysis.